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Discord Changelog Docs

Last Updated: July 15th 2023

By using Noctura, we are required do disclose how your information may be used. Noctura as an entity does not collect nor store any information about YOU the user, though by using Noctura via the official sources you may be subject to some data collection by third parties, and may use this data. Noctura uses Cloudflare to serve you this service, which collects IPs to try and mitigate potential attacks from malicious users. We do not get to see those IPs and will never attempt to either. To see Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy please visit Noctura uses Google Analytics to gain insight on how this site may be used. No personally identifiable information will be shown to us, and the data will only be used to help improve our product. To see Google’s Privacy Policy, please visit Due to the nature of our service you may connect to external sites, we do not control these sites unless explicitly stated. Please consult the external source for their policy. If you have any questions on the acceptable use of Noctura, please visit our Terms of Service If you do not agree or consent to have your data used in the way described above, please stop using this site immediately. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]