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Version 1.0 - Initial Release

  • The first release of Noctura!
  • We are excited to bring you this new proxy filled with a BUNCH of features
    • There are 4 different proxy types useable
      • Dynamic
      • Ultraviolet
      • Rammerhead
      • Aero 2
    • ChatGPT-like AI page
    • A game page filled with a plentyful selection that will continue to grow
    • A fully featured Music Player
      • Import any local library and preserve metadata
      • Listen to your music while you browse on the proxy
      • Playback controls so you can tailor your experience
    • Custom Add-ons to tailor your experience
    • Plenty of themes to choose from
      • Custom theme support
      • VSCode theme converter for those used staring at their IDE all day
    • Customizable Settings
      • Custom Bare Server Support
        • For when you feel like controling everything like some weird power user...
      • Tab Cloaking
      • Custom Panic URL
        • We know not eveyone uses Google Classroom